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Work with Me

What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Health and Wellness Coaches partner with clients to help them establish goals to improve their health and wellness. After these goals have been determined, they work together to discover how best to achieve them. It’s a client-centered, collaborative process based on Positive Psychology techniques and concepts. 

What does working with a Health and Wellness Coach look and feel like?

First and foremost, our relationship is collaborative and non-judgmental. My goal is for you to feel heard, empowered and hopeful! 

Typically, we meet weekly for about 30 minutes. Meetings are by videoconference from the comfort of your home or office. 

What I  Offer


Online Coaching - Intake session

50 mins | $100

Get acquainted and formulate a plan. This session is spent getting to know each other and finding out what kinds of things you would like to work on. Some clients have very specific ideas while others are less sure and want to explore ideas together.

Online Coaching - One session

25 mins | $50

Regular check-ins on progress toward goals. While continuing to get to know each other, we are narrowing down more specific goals and how you would like to try working toward them. We determine what is working and what isn’t and make adjustments to support your success.

Online Coaching - 6 session package

3 hours | $300

(1 intake session + 5 weekly coaching sessions)

A great way to focus on short-term goals.

Online Coaching - 12 session package

4 hours, 40 mins | $500

(1 intake session + 11 weekly coaching sessions)

This is a standard minimum time requirement for lasting behavior change.

Additional Session Packages

5 session package | $225
10 session package | $450

Need more time or have more goals? I’m offering a 5 session package for $225 or 10 session package for $450.


What can I Work On with a Health and Wellness Coach?

You can work on any habits or behaviors you would like to change. Our lives are multi-faceted. Consider the following 8 dimensions of our well- being:

8 Dimensions of Wellness


What are the Eight Dimensions of Wellness?

Base on the Six Dimensions of Wellness Model, developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute.

 Here is a brief description of each dimension:

Physical - The ways we are feeding and moving our bodies.

Emotional - Being fully aware of our feelings and having the ability to manage them. Cultivating a positive outlook in our lives is essential.

Occupational - How we are feeling about our occupation we currently have or may be striving toward.

Social - How we actively engage with and support others and ourselves, in our community.

Spiritual - Our sense of meaning and purpose and how we live in alignment with our values and beliefs.

Intellectual - Relates to how we “exercise” our minds by being curious and challenging ourselves.

Financial - The ways we are managing our finances and living well within our means while being thoughtful about our future.

Environmental - Our commitment to living in a safe and pleasant environment that stimulates our general well being.

When we adequately manage these aspects of our lives, we feel in balance.
Working with a coach is an effective way to change or create new ways to thrive!